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May, 2018

NWC Juggling Club

NWC Juggling Club

The NWC Juggling Club has been established to inspire players to practice on their own, set goals, and improve their technical soccer skills.   

Level 1 Beginner (10 Any Body Part)

Livvy Henestofel 2008 Girls 22 Juggles
Amilia Doddato 2008 Girls 21 Juggles
Morgan DeMoss        2008 Girls         20 Juggles
Emma Southworth 2008 Girls 17 Juggles
Owen Mace 2008 Boys 14 Juggles
Ashton Kuns 2008 Girls 13 Juggles
Brady Koncal 2008 Boys 12 Juggles
Linh Kindness 2008 Girls 10 Juggles
Claire Barnett 2008 Girls 10 Juggles

Level 2 Starter (25 Any Body Part)

Finley Overholser       2008 Girls          35 Juggles
Katie Benham 2008 Girls 25 Juggles

Level 3 Intermediate (10 Feet Only)

 Jackie Nijack 2006 Girls 23 Juggles
 Avery McNamee 2006 Girls 23 Juggles
 Nico Tharp 2007 Boys 22 Juggles
 Lexi Feldman 2006 Girls 22 Juggles
 Declan McCaffrey 2007 Boys 20 Juggles
 JoJo Davis 2007 Boys 19 Juggles
 Owen Seputis 2007 Boys 18 Juggles
 Brooks Dunford 2009 Boys 18 Juggles
 Elaina Williams 2006 Girls 17 Juggles
 Kane Fall 2007 Boys 16 Juggles
 Lauren Miller 2007 Girls 16 Juggles
 Henry Faust 2008 Boys 12 Juggles
 Grace Baranyi 2007 Girls 11 Juggles
 Bella Markowski 2007 Girls 11 Juggles
 Keira Buckholz 2010 Girls 10 Juggles
 Libby Haas 2007 Girls 10 Juggles
 Finley Overholser 2008 Girls 10 Juggles

Level 4 Advanced (25 Feet Only)

 Colin Carter 2007 Boys 48 Juggles
 AJ Turkelson 2007 Boys 47 Juggles
 Aubrey Fitzgerald 2007 Girls       37 Juggles
 Zach Lazor 2007 Boys 31 Juggles
 Jeremy Roehrs 2007 Boys 30 Juggles
 Zach Wourms 2007 Boys 30 Juggles
 Leah Detmer              2007 Girls 30 Juggles
 Mika Wade                 2006 Girls       34 Juggles
 Joci Post 2006 Girls 32 Juggles
 Gabby Robinette 2006 Girls 39 Juggles
 Madelyn Gartz 2006 Girls 26 Juggles
 Josie Ouellette 2006 Girls 25 Juggles

Level 5 Premier (50 Feet Only)

 Kaitlyn Almond 2006 Girls 72 Juggles
 Keaton Aspacher 2006 Girls 71 Juggles
 Haley Wells 2006 Girls 70 Juggles
Olivia Ratermann  2007 Girls 62 Juggles
 Jacob Orlow 2008 Boys 62 Juggles
 Anna Schmitt 2008 Girls 60 Juggles
 Anna Kate Robillard 2008 Girls 58 Juggles
 Baylee Cumbow 2008 Girls 52 Juggles
Claire Anderson 2006 Girls 71 Juggles
Emma Gramke              2005 Girls         50 Juggles

Level 6 Elite (75 Feet Only)

Grace Prince                2005 Girls         85 Juggles
Luke Shrivers 2006 Boys 79 Juggles

Level 7 Pro (100 Feet Only)

 Evan Everding 2007 Boys 234 Juggles
 Owen Buckholtz 2007 Boys 169 Juggles
 Abbey Johnson            2005 Girls           142 Juggles
 Maggie Molnar 2006 Girls 123 Juggles
 Luke Humanchuk 2007 Boys 119 Juggles
 Lydia Magness 2006 Girls 117 Juggles
 Eden Toth 2006 Girls 106 Juggles
 Chloe Dunford 2007 Girls 104 Juggles
 Kaitlynn Long 2006 Girls 102 Juggles

Level 8 Master

Why Juggle?

A player’s touch and feel for the ball is vital in soccer and juggling is one of the best exercises to learn how the ball reacts to different parts of the foot and body.  Juggling also helps to develop body control, core strength, and balance while providing a good work out.  All that’s required is a ball, a small space, and some determination.  Players that progress through the NWC Juggling Club Levels will undoubtedly experience improved success in their soccer matches.  Juggling is a very important part of any player's developmentWhile it is rare to take consecutive touches in the air during a game, the following are some of the many developmental benefits of juggling: 

Balance, Eye/Foot Coordination, Core Strength 

Touch and Ball Familiarity: Each touch helps the player learn the response of the ball. 

Confidence and Style: Once the ball responds the way they want, they will add difficulty to the touches, increase their confidence, and add style to their game. 

The Love of Spending Time With the Ball: As confidence and ability builds, players will look forward to spending time with the ball to try to break their juggle record and develop tricks through their personal creativity. Have fun and good luck!


-Players U10 and Younger: May start the ball with their hands, but first touch must be with the foot.. Players must return to zero once the ball hits the ground. Once they pass Level 2 players must only count touches with the feet from the ground.

Players U11 and Older May only start the ball from the ground with their feet, and can only count touches with the feet. All other body parts (besides hands and arms) can be used to keep the ball off the ground, but only touches with the feet can count towards the overall juggling score. Players must return to zero once the ball hits the ground.

HONOR SYSTEM: Players do not need an adult to count or be present after they reach level 1 (U9/U10) or Level 3 (U11/U12).  Each player is responsible for accurately counting his or her number of touches on the ball.  To get initial entry into the juggling club they need to be able to video themselves or show a coach.

- Reporting: Once reaching a level of achievement, simply send an email including the players name, age, club team, and overall score to [email protected]

- Score Posting: Once the score is confirmed, the player and their score will be posted at at the level they have achieved. Age group and overall leaders will also be identified. At the end of each season the club leader will be identified with their picture and juggling score!

- Bag Tags and Prizes:  In addition to being identified on the NWC website, each Juggling Club member will receive an NWC Juggling Club Bag Tag.  These tags will reflect the most recent club level reached so that players can display their achievement with pride!

Levels are:

Club Level

Total Juggles

Age Eligible

Level 1 Beginner

10 Any Body Part

U10 and Below

Level 2 Starter

25 Any Body Part

U10 and Below

Level 3 Intermediate

10 Feet Only


Level 4 Advanced

25 Feet Only


Level 5 Premier

50 Feet Only


Level 6 Elite

75 Feet Only


Level 7 Pro

100 Feet Only


Level 8 Master

250 + Feet Only


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