Dayton Players Academy (DPA)

The Dayton Players Academy

Vision/Mission Statement

DAYTON - The DPA represents Dayton. 

PLAYERS - The DPA focuses on Players.

ACADEMY - The DPA is an Academy for advanced soccer training.

The Dayton Players Academy (DPA) is committed to providing the southern Dayton area with a truly ‘player-centered’ approach to soccer development. It is the mission of the DPA to develop confident, ambitious individuals who will then be prepared for success on and off the field. The DPA is an institution that aspires to create something meaningful and lasting in the Dayton area. In addition, by providing outreach to the other surrounding clubs in the area, we are able to provide Dayton area players with a platform to have experiences beyond just those in their own team or club. We seek to provide an environment where the players are able to reach their potential as soccer players, while also being given the tools to develop the core values of character, leadership, discipline and humility. Our mission is to be a part of helping all of the soccer players in Dayton take their development to the next level!

Core Values

Character; developing an identity and expressing one’s qualities and personality in such a way as to have a positive influence on others.

Leadership; developing accountability and the capacity to communicate with and lead others.

Discipline; developing positive habits - teamwork, work ethic, commitment to a cause, standards of excellence, attitude.

Humility; developing the understanding of the bigger picture; respect for the interconnectedness of things and the relationship between process and outcome.